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Essential Oils & Fragrances - Choose from an exquisite selection of pure Essential Oils, Unique Fragrances and Compounds, Massage Oils, Potpourri Refresher Oils and Scents for candles and soap making. Soothing Salves, Liniments and pure Vegetable Oils may also be found in this extensive department - 10 subcategories All products are free of petroleum, propyls, benzenes, artificial flavors and preservatives.

Herbs from the Garden - 6 subcategories, including over 480 of the most popular Garden Herbs, Traditional Herbal Tea Blends, Chinese Herbs, and St. John's Wildcrafted and Organic Herbs. Sold in bulk by weight for teas, capsule or tincture making.

Herbs - National Brands - 59 subcategories from Astragalus to Yucca, all national brands, bottled and packaged and offered in a variety of forms - capsules, soft gels, tablets, chewables, powders or liquids.

Incense - Fine Sandalwood Punk Sticks, hand dipped in pure Essential Oils and Fragrances produces clean, slow burning, beautifully scented Incense of the highest quality. Choose from over 125 fragrances. This large selection also includes Incense Powders, Teak Incense Burners, Charcoal Cakes and Smudge Sticks from Central New Mexico - 5 subcategories.

Minerals & Mineral Combinations - Essential for good health. Here you will find the latest mineral products and combinations from Boron to Zinc, from Chromium Picolinate to Colloidal Silver - 13 subcategories

Nutritional Oils / Omega 3 - from Black Current to Wheat Germ Oil - 10 subcategories

Nutritional Supplements - Antioxidant Formulas, Cartilage, Coenzyme Q10, DHEA, Glandulars, Grape Seed, Melatonin, Pregnenolone, SAMe, Pycnogenol, Etc. - 14 subcategories

Spices and Culinary - 10 subcategories containing 479 selections including flavors and extracts, spices, and spice blends (salt and salt free), and numerous other yummies.

Super Foods - 11 subcategories including Bee Products, Barley Grass, Blue-Green Algae, Phyto Foods, Alfalfa, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, etc.

Teas and Accessories - 9 subcategories featuring over 250 exotic teas and tea blends from the four corners of the world.

Vitamins - 27 subcategories from Vitamin A to Vitamin K, Children's Multi Vitamins, and Vitamins for Pets. Choose from hundreds of nationally known brands.

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