Sea Vegetables (Seaweeds)


Sea Vegetables (Seaweed) are guaranteed to enhance your favorite recipes. Our wide selection is available in 1oz. and 8oz. packages.

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Agar-Agar, Select 1st Quality, Powder
Gracilaria lichenoides, Morocco..
from $17.25
Chlorella Powder
Chlorella pyrendoidosa, USA..
from $14.79
Dulse Flakes Cut
Rhodymenia palmata, USA..
from $7.40
Dulse Powder
Rhodymenia palmata, USA..
from $9.86
Iceland Moss Flakes Organic
Cetraria islandica, Iceland..
from $5.42
Irish Moss (Seaweed), Cut
Chondrus crispus, Jamaica ..
from $7.40
Irish Moss Powder
Chondrus crispus, Jamaica ..
from $5.42
Kelp Powder, Atlantic
Laminaria species, Atlantic ..
from $3.45
Nori Flakes Organic
Porphyra umbilicalis, Canada ..
from $17.25
Spirulina Powder
Spirulina plantensis, USA..
from $12.32
Wakame Flakes Organic
Alaria esculenta, USA..
from $7.40
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