Veggies, Organic, Dehydrated


The majority of our dehydrated "Veggies" are organic and salt free. Available in 1oz, and 8oz. packages.

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Beans, Green, Diced
Phaseolus vulgare, USA..
from $3.45
Cabbage Flakes
Brassica oleracea, USA..
from $3.45
Carrots, Flakes, Dehydrated Organic
Daucus carota, USA ..
from $3.45
Celery, Flakes Organic
Apium graveolens, USA..
from $3.45
Chives, Cut, Dehydrated, Select
Allium schoenoprasum, USA..
from $7.40
Mushrooms, Cordyceps Powder
Cordtceps sinensis, Asia..
from $9.86
Mushrooms, Miatake, Powder, Organic
Grifola fondosa, China..
from $9.86
Mushrooms, Mixed, Whole, Organic
Wild Blend (Porcini, Oyster, Shiitake & Chanterelle)..
from $14.79
Mushrooms, Reishi, Powder, Organic
Ganoderma lucidum, China..
from $9.86
Mushrooms, Shiitaki (Xiang Gu), Powder, Organic
Lentinus edodes, China..
from $9.86
Onion Slices, Large Flakes Organic
Allium cepa, USA..
from $3.45
Onion, Minced Organic
Allium sativum, USA..
from $3.45
Pepper, Bell, Red & Green Sweet, Diced, Organic
Capsicum annuum, USA..
from $3.45
Peppers, Cayenne Chilies, Organic, Whole
Capsicum annuum, USA - "Hot, Hot", Red..
from $3.45
Potatoes, Diced, Organic
Solanum tuberosum -USA ..
from $3.45
Spinach Flakes, Organic
Spinacia oleracea, USA..
from $4.24
Tomato Flakes, Organic
Lycopersicon esculentum, USA..
from $3.45
Vegetable Flakes, Deluxe Mix, Diced, Sulfite Free
Blend, USA..
from $3.45
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