Flower Waters

Flower waters incorporate a fine selection of essential oils and distilled water. They make wonderful splashes and tonics for the skin. Topical cosmetic application is used to tone and beautify the skin. Other waters are used in spiritual rituals for calming, blessing, meditation, protection, health and prosperity.

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Bach, Rescue Remedy Flower Essence, 10ml
Carmelite Water (Cruz de Carmrlite), 4oz
Promote Spiritual Blessings & Peace. Contains Essential Fragrances & Alcohol - In a light-pr..
Fast Scrubbing Essence (Chango Macho), 4oz
Attracts Blessings & Good Spirits that Inspire Luck and Love. Contains Essential Oils & Alcohol - I..
Florida Water #1 (Contra Enemigos), 4oz
Used for Protection. Keeps Away Negative Forces & brings Good Luck. Contains Essential Oils & Alco..
Florida Water #2 (Contra Daos), 4oz
Protection from Harm. Brings Luck & Spiritual Blessings. Contains Essential Oils & Alcohol - In a ..
Glory Water (Milagrosa Para Salud y Exito), 4oz
Promotes Health & Success. Contains Essential Oils & Alcohol - In a light-protecting amber glass bo..
Holy Water Sprinkle (Bendito), 4oz
Brings Blessings & Protection. Contains Essential Oils & Alcohol - In a light-protecting amber glas..
Lavender Water, French (Lavanda), 4oz
Healing & Purifying of Mind & Body. Contains Essential Oils & Distilled Water - In a light-protecti..
Orange Water, Spanish (Naranja), 4oz
Use on the Skin & in the Bath. Makes the User more Lovely & Attractive - In a light-protecting ambe..
Rose Water, French (Rosa), 4oz
Brings Love, Peace & Harmony - In a light-protecting amber glass bottle ..
Violet Water, French (Violeta), 4oz
Calms Headaches. It's also said to bring Remarkable Changes of Luck & Fortune - In a light-protecti..