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Our gardening methods are all organic. No herbicides, pesticides or other harmful chemicals are used on our grounds – insuring chemically free materials for our customers and gardening classes. As a contributing member of The American Horticulture Society’s, “North American Reciprocal Program for Small Arboreta,” garden tours are conducted and welcomed. Please call to schedule your appointment. We encourage you to visit and experience the beauty of St. John’s.

Our Products

Bath & Beauty

Bath & Beauty

An amazing array of unique soaps,bath lotions and gels, bath salts and natural bath oils fragranced with pure essential oils may be found in the following departments.

Bottles, Jars & Bags

Bottles, Jars & Bags

We offer a unique collection of Bottles, Jars & Bags designed to meet a large variety of your special needs and projects.

Essential & Other Oils

Essential & Other Oils

Choose Sandalwood or Patchouli from India, Frankincense and Myrrh from Morocco or travel the globe and choose your favorite from the hundreds carried.

Herbs, Blends & Seeds

Herbs, Blends & Seeds

St. John’s carries the largest selection of quality herbs to be found anywhere. We only carry Select or Top Grade botanicals to assure you of the very best.

Incense, Potpourri & Crafts

Incense, Crafts
& Potpourri

Fine Sandalwood Punk Sticks, hand dipped in pure essential oils and fragrances, produce clean, slow burning, beautifully scented incense of the highest quality.


Nutitional Supplements

Nutritional supplements are products used to assist with problems of bodily disorder or to help the body overcome deficiencies in function or structure.

Spices & Culinary

Our blended spices, including our popular salt-free blends, are unique and world renowned because at St. John’s we offer only the best. You’ll never find preservatives, MSG, sulfites or sugars in our products.

Herbal Tea Blends

Teas & Accessories

Our selection includes Black and Flavored Teas, both regular and caffeine free, Herbal Teas and an assortment of Green and White Teas, known for their antioxidant properties.

About St. John's Botanicals

Located in Bowie, Maryland, we offer continuous educational programs covering the beauty and use of botanicals through lectures, seminars, and classes. Knowledge, love and truth uplifts the human spirit, and with these “Wisdoms” the human being can be set free—free to choose that which touches one’s life to create positive, loving change and growth.

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