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Consumers are cautioned that many nutritional supplements, botanicals and botanical products can have powerful effects on the body. Therefore, the following precautions should be noted. “Safety Data” information for applicable items carrying the “St. John’s Botanicals” label, are followed by an asterisk (*) and a “Safety Data Number.” The “Key” to the “Safety Data Number” is listed below. Products offered for sale on this site by manufacturers other than St. John’s Botanicals, carry their own label containing appropriate safety data guidelines where relevant. Information contained on this site is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. Before taking any nutritional product, we strongly recommend the consumer consult a licensed health care practitioner or therapist. Always keep all products out of the reach of children.

In 1991, the World Health Organization proposed, “… that if a product has been traditionally used without demonstrated harm, no specific restrictive regulatory action should be taken unless new evidence demands a revised risk-benefit assessment.” In the year 2000, the following safety data was taken from the “American Herbal Products Association Botanical Safety Handbook.” The products offered on this site for which there exists no safety guidelines at this time, may be considered safe with normal usage. “Safety Data Numbers” corresponding with this list will be found in the following sections: Herbs, Wildcrafted Herbs, Chinese Herbs and Ginseng Products, Traditional Herbal Blends, Herbal Extracts, Henna, Spices, Essential Oils, Essential Compounds, and other departments.

Reference #

(1)Uterine stimulant, do not use during pregnancy.
(2)May cause vomiting and nausea.
(3)Consult a qualified health professional before using this product.
(4) Not recommended for excessive or prolonged use. Use with caution.
(5)Do not use if any of the following conditions exist: diarrhea or watery stools, intestinal or bowel obstruction, gastric distress, irritable bowel syndrome, or abdominal pain.
(6)Do not use if chronic kidney disease is present.
(7)Do not use if serious liver condition, gallstones, or obstruction of the bile duct exist.
(8)This product is not to be used by persons taking blood thinning agents.
(9)This product is contraindicated for persons with gastrointestinal irritation or ulcerative conditions.
(10)Should not be used by persons with hyperthyroidism.
(11)Skin sensitivity. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
(12)Not for use by persons taking MAO inhibitors or with high blood pressure or hypertension.
(13)Do not use if blood disorders exist.

Reference #

(14)Not for internal use.
(15)Not to be used while nursing.
(16)Do not use on open wounds, eyes, or broken skin.
(17) Not recommended for infants and toddlers
(18) For decorative use only.
(19)Herbs for which insufficient data is available for classification at this time.
(20) Not recommended for persons with existing heart conditions.
(21) Not recommended for persons suffering from depression.
(22)This product should only be injested with adequate liquid. Not for use by persons with bowel obstruction.
(23) Contains caffeine. Nervous system stimulant.
(24) Not for use by persons with protein hypersensitivities, pulmonary infections, or AIDS.
(25)The United States government allows this product for food use only for the flavoring of alcoholic beverages.
(26) Should not be used by persons with epilepsy.
(27)This product should not be used by persons with low blood pressure.
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